From Brexit fears to France and Italy's record years

Oscar Geen hosts Greg Gille, Kenny Wastell, Francesca Veronesi and Alessia Argentieri for the first of an introductory two-part special. With political upheaval and contrasting trends on the menu, the team discusses 2018's hot topics across European private equity starting with general key takeaways before focusing on the UK, France and southern Europe

  1. Intro (00:00)
  2. 2018 European private equity round-up with Greg Gille (01:47)
  3. UK & Ireland round-up with Kenny Wastell (07:14)
  4. France round-up with Francesca Veronesi (14:26)
  5. Southern Europe round-up with Alessia Argentieri (21:59)
  6. Looking to 2019 (29:59)