Allocate Special

The team takes a glimpse into the future of European private equity by catching up on the all the hot topics to come out of Unquote’s international fundraising event Allocate. Oscar Geen hosts Gareth Morgan, Katharine Hidalgo, Francesca Veronesi and special guest Frode Odegard, chair and CEO at the Post-Lean Institute.

Generation game

With millennials now making up the bulk of new entrants in private equity, the expectations of these young professionals can sometimes be at odds with the industry's prevailing culture. Oscar Geen hosts Unquote editor Greg Gille – who spoke with special guest Gail McManus, managing director of private equity recruitment firm PER, about how PE must adapt to secure a prosperous workforce.

Sector selectors

Sector specialisation has grown in prominence among private equity players in recent years, as mid-market investors seek to differentiate themselves to attract prospective LPs. Kenny Wastell hosts research manager Gareth Morgan and news editor Oscar Geen, while Oscar speaks with special guest Janet Brooks, managing director at Monument Group, about standing out in the crowd.

Karmic balance sheets

The team explores developments in the impact investment space, with brand-name GPs entering the fray and convergence in reporting standards. Oscar Geen hosts Greg Gille and Gareth Morgan, while Kenny Wastell speaks to special guest Michele Giddens, co-founder and partner at Bridges Fund Management.

Ready, debt set, go

Unquote’s podcast team has been speaking with your creditors, and getting the low-down on private debt. Kenny Wastell hosts Oscar Geen and Unquote editor Greg Gille, with a special interview between Oscar and Certior Capital partner Timo Hara.

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