Jürgen von Wendorff, Managing Director, Hannover Finanz
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Marcus Brans, Member of the Digitization Group & Head of Communications, Triton Partners

We asked Marcus Brans what is the most important way that investors can add value to companies, with access to industry experts and new processes. We also asked Marcus how to ensure ease of communication between management teams, with early transparency highlighted as being important and incorporating sector expertise into operational teams in investments. 

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Germany Transport

Roland Dennert, Managing Partner, Cipio Partners

Changes in the automotive industry, such as autonomous driving and electric vehicles, were explored in our chat with Roland Dennert. He also looked into the rise of technology companies moving into the industry and how shifting power in the telecommunication industry, such as Nokia and Apple, serve as historical example for change for the future of the automotive market. 

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Germany China

Inna Gehrt, Partner/Head of DACH, Mandarin Capital Partners

Joining us from Manadarin Capital Partners was Inna Gehrt, Partner/Head of DACH. Over coffee we asked her why the DACH region is viewed as particularly attractive for institutional investors and how bets to help companies move into the international market. 

Keynote address: The Next 25 Years

Mark Florman presents on the next 25 years in private equity at the German PE 2017 forum

Insa Cornelia Müller shares her first hand experience of Chinese capital restrictions

At the 2017 unquote" German Private Equity Forum we had a chat with Insa Cornelia Müller, Partner at Beiten Burkhardt, about her first hand experience of capital restrictions in China. 

How do DACH companies expand their footprint in China?

An interview with Wolfgang Seibold of AGIC Capital, on DACH companies and how they expand their footprint in China.

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Germany Fundraising

The pros and cons of co-investments with Benjamin Alt from ADVEQ

Benjamin Alt from ADVEQ highlighted the pros and cons of co-investments at the 2017 unquote" German Private Equity Forum. 

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Germany Future trends

Thomas Etzel on the top private equity opportunities in Germany

Thomas Etzel, Managing Director at HQ Capital Private Equity highlighted the private equity opportunities in the German market at the 2017 unquote" German Private Equity Forum.