European Fund Structuring Breakfast

04 April 2019

Dartmouth House

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This breakfast event will bring together domestic and international private equity professionals and fund managers to understand advancements in fund structures and future regulatory changes. Panellists will also discuss capitalising on domiciling opportunities set against the backdrop of political uncertainty across Europe.

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The Agenda

  • 08:30

    Registration and coffee

  • 09:00

    Welcoming remarks

    Francesca Veronesi
    Francesca Veronesi
    Reporter, Benelux and France, Unquote
  • 09:10

    Presentation: European Fundraising Landscape – Unquote data

    Paul Tilt
    Paul Tilt
    Head of Fund Research, Acuris
  • 09:30

    Panel: European Fund Structures Update- Has the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund met investors’ expectations?

    • Have the benefits of the RAIF proved effective for fund managers? Has this been operative across all asset classes?
    • Are the benefits comparable to alternative vehicles? How can managers select the best vehicle?
    • Has this been the case for all foreign investors? Non-EU vs EU investors
    • Which pending regulations or market structure changes will affect fund managers in the coming year? Uncertainty vs regulatory change
    Anja Grenner
    Anja Grenner
    Director of Funds, Intertrust
    Paul Spendiff
    Paul Spendiff
    Group Head of Business Development, FundRock
    Francesca Veronesi
    Francesca Veronesi
    Reporter, Benelux and France, Unquote
  • 10:10

    Panel: Fund Domiciling in an Uncertain Environment

    • How can fund managers best manage clients amidst a changing political mood in Europe?
    • How will Brexit affect marketing passports in the UK as a gateway into Europe? 
    • Will the UK need to form a post-Brexit parallel product in tandem with an EU domiciled fund? Delegation or advisory models? How will this affect costs and for whom? 
    • What is the UK doing to offset the impacts of Brexit? What are the alternatives – Luxembourg vs Ireland? What are the alternatives – Jersey versus Luxembourg/Ireland?
    • What are the benefits of NPPR versus the passport and is there an opportunity for the UK to benefit from the tried and tested NPPR route through Jersey?
    • Has the AIFMD passport delivered on its promises? What are the views on the recently issued KPMG report and AIFMD II review?
    • What type of NPPR will the UK implement and how will this affect market access into the UK for European Funds and third countries? 
    • What are the strengths of each of the fund domiciling options available to managers and how can the key fund domiciles work together/complement each other?
  • 10:50

    Closing remarks

  • 10:55

    Networking coffee



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