Allocate. Private Capital 2021

room The Grove Hertfordshire

Allocate 2021 has been cancelled.

If you have any questions regarding the 2021 event, please contact the events team. We look forward to returning in 2022 and hope that you can be patient with us till then.


The pandemic has been a catalyst for transformational change in industries that will impact the future returns on asset performance. Diversification within private markets continues to increase, as GPs bring new strategies to market and the asset class continues to attract inflows from investors.

Why this event?

  • Acuris supports 4,000 LPs per year in growing your investment networks at our events. Our global private markets events provide networking and learning opportunities around the latest emerging trends in private equity, private credit and infrastructure. Allocate was the first major private equity retreat in the UK, on the doorstep of the European industry. We created it knowing that LPs and GPs wanted high quality peer-to-peer networking around expert content that other events didn’t offer.

Reasons to attend:

  • Exclusive audience of LPs and GPs: Grow your network so you know who to call when you need a perspective you can trust
  • Wide open spaces: Enjoy an event in truly unique countryside surroundings
  • Formats focussed on business outcomes: Thought-provoking ideas, business meetings and social events built around the investment drivers of advancing technology, changing demographics and climate change. Leave the event with an understanding of their influence on performance this decade
  • Online community hub: Access the shared experiences of LP investors around the world. Hearing how other LPs are thinking about your investment strategies helps you to be better prepared to succeed
  • We guarantee a high-quality audience without being overrun with advisors and service providers: After a year at home as a spectator to virtual events, it's time to get the grey cells working again with highly interactive discussion formats that allow you to participate, contribute and share your experience

“Allocate. is a unique conference, examining how private equity portfolios will be impacted by global macro trends. It facilitates an important dialogue between LPs and GPs on how the asset class will align financial returns with a wider purpose in the future economy.”

Mark Florman, Time Partners Limited

Reasons to attend:

  • Be informed: Equip yourself with new insights and perspectives from outside of your business network
  • Build your business pipeline: Make valuable connections to generate new opportunities for your firm, with our range of formal and informal networking opportunities
  • Raise your profile: Take your place among the most influential M&A advisors and acquirers to have your say and increase your visibility

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