Allocate. The UK's international private equity event.

THE GROVE, England
18-19 June 2020

How will megatrends affect private equity returns?

Allocate is the new private equity conference for global LPs and European GPs. Together, they will explore how macro issues and industry trends will affect the next vintage of private equity investment. Over 40 leading thinkers from inside and outside the private markets will inspire global investors on the themes driving capital flows to the asset class.

Hosted 20 miles from the centre of London, you will meet a cross-section of European GPs and Global LPs away from the distractions of a city-centre location. Attend Allocate and experience the private equity conference with a difference.

Maximum Attendees
€3.7 Trillion
AUM confirmed to attend
Miles from London

“Allocate is a unique conference, examining how private equity portfolios will be impacted by global macro trends. It facilitates an important dialogue between LPs and GPs on how the asset class will align financial returns with a wider purpose in the future economy.”

Mark Florman, Time Partners Limited

Allocate. Not another private equity conference.

Five-year perspective


Look ahead to the themes that will define the next private equity cycle.

Powering opportunity


The perfect balance between content, business meetings and informal networking.

Qualified encounters


Private equity research is what we do. We profile the audience, leaving you more time to act on productive conversations.

Stay Informed

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