Allocate. Future-proof your private markets strategy

18-19 June 2020


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The UK’s premier event for private capital investors.

Allocate is an event with a unique sense of purpose. It brings together major investors, leading thinkers and industry innovators to debate the trends influencing private markets investment.

The programme supports the development of investment strategies in private equity and private debt asset classes. It examines how the rotation of institutional capital into private markets will underpin returns. Attendees actively debate how the defining forces of the next decade - sustainability, digitalisation and demographics - should influence manager selection and investment sourcing.

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Limited places available.

Delegate places are limited to 300 and only available to qualified LPs or GPs. This guarantees great conversations that strengthen professional networks. Acuris’ private funds data is used to identify an eligible list of institutions – according to number of fund investments, amount of committed capital or intention to increase target allocation – or via an LP application process.

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€3.7 Trillion
AUM represented in 2019

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“Allocate. is a unique conference, examining how private equity portfolios will be impacted by global macro trends. It facilitates an important dialogue between LPs and GPs on how the asset class will align financial returns with a wider purpose in the future economy.”

Mark Florman, Time Partners Limited

Allocate. Not another private equity conference.

Five-year perspective


Look ahead to the themes that will define the next private equity cycle.

Powering opportunity


The perfect balance between content, business meetings and informal networking.

Qualified encounters


Private equity research is what we do. We profile the audience, leaving you more time to act on productive conversations.