Allocate. The AGM for European private equity.

19 - 21 June 2019
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Allocate is an innovative new private equity conference. We'll get you and your institution prepared for investing in the next private equity cycle, with insight and bold ideas from over 40 speakers from leading investors and funds.

As well as expert content, there is plenty of time scheduled for networking and business meetings including the private equity road cycle and golf day. Hosted at a 300 acre country estate just 20 miles from Heathrow, you will meet a cross-section of European GPs and Global LPs away from the distractions of a city-centre location.


2018 Speakers Included

Allocate. Not another private equity conference.

Five-year perspective


Look ahead to the themes that will define the next private equity cycle.

Powering opportunity


The perfect balance between content, business meetings and informal networking.

Qualified encounters


Private equity research is what we do. We profile the audience, leaving you more time to act on productive conversations.

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There has been a trend over the past decade for GPs to change, adapt and ultimately to grow. Whether that is to go multi strategy or to diversify within private equity, only a handful of private equity houses have stuck to their core and original focus. Others have morphed into general asset managers such as KKR and Blackstone adding credit, real estate, infrastructure and much more to their original PE focus. Some of these ‘add-ons’ now even exceed the AUM in private equity.

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We are confirming speakers that you wouldn’t expect to see at a private equity event. The aim is to challenge and inspire the audience to think differently about the themes driving global investment.

Jennifer Ghoni

Our aim is to deliver the most memorable and productive event experience for the industry.

Thomas MacKinnon

The Grove

Located in 300 acres of peaceful countryside, The Grove in Hertfordshire is a truly unique yet convenient location to gather your thoughts on the industry.

Chandler's Cross, Hertfordshire WD3 4TG

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We have been researching the markets for over 30 years and that’s how we've become the leading European private equity specialists. Join our events for intelligence and analysis based on verified information and hard facts, not rumour and speculation.