21 November 2017, Grand Hôtel, Stockholm

Extend your network among Nordic LPs and GPs

The 13th edition of the Unquote Nordic Private Equity Forum will bring together international senior private equity professionals to debate the strategic direction of the asset class and to provide insight on how deals are being executed in the Nordics.

What to expect...

This one-day event is the perfect size for you to get to know the whole audience. The programme includes a manageable number of sessions with ample networking time - the perfect balance for anyone looking to build relationships and gain market insights.

On-stage, you can expect high-profile speakers from the world of Nordic private equity. They will offer their views on the future direction of the sector and invite comment from the audience.

Why Attend?

  • Great opportunity to meet Nordic funds and investors
  • Take an in-depth look into deal activity and fundraising statistics
  • Review of the current market and leading insights into investment opportunities
  • Understand LP Investment Strategies; Gaining private equity exposure in new ways
  • Find out how GPs are deploying risk capital in the Nordic region

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“ It gives the younger investment managers, bankers or people from institutions, a better view of the challenges within the industry.”
“One of the best PE-events”
“Brings together industry representatives accross the nordics, GPs as well as LPs, adding some international flavour.”
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