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24 May 2017, Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski, Munich

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In 1996, Intralinks (NYSE: IL) pioneered the use of software-as-a-service solutions for business collaboration and transformed the way companies work, initially for the debt capital markets and M&A communities. Today, Intralinks empowers global companies to share content and collaborate with business partners without losing control over information. Through the Intralinks platform, companies, and third parties can securely share and collaborate on even the most sensitive documents – while maintaining compliance with policies that mitigate corporate and regulatory risk.

Intralinks Dealspace® is the most widely used deal management and virtual data room solution that supports all parties involved throughout the M&A lifecycle: from deal preparation through to marketing, due diligence, closing, and post-merger integration. Intralinks Dealspace enables financial advisors, legal advisors, and M&A and corporate development professionals to securely collaborate and share confidential information while maintaining complete control over content.

Intralinks Dealnexus® is the world’s largest M&A professional social network, used by over 7,800 firms, including private equity, financial advisory, corporates, and family offices, to originate and source acquisition opportunities and potential buyers for divestments.

Intralinks Fundspace® is the industry-leading platform used by Alternative Investment firms for fund raising and LP reporting.

Over 3.1 million M&A, legal, corporate development and private equity professionals at 99% of Fortune 1000 companies, investment banks, law firms and private equity firms have depended on Intralinks’ 20 years of experience in helping to facilitate transactions and business collaborations valued at more than US$30 trillion across all industries.

For further information, visit www.intralinks.com or on Twitter follow @Intralinks

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