Setting the agenda for private equity in the German market

Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski
07 June 2018
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  • 08:30


  • 09:00

    Chairman's Opening Remarks

  • 09:10

    Keynote address: Private Equity Deal Making Environment in DACH Region

  • 09:30

    Panel: Institutional investors view on the DACH region

    • This panel will examine macro trends and developments in the market, how to create value by investing in private equity and where they think you should you be looking for investment opportunities?
    • The speakers will also discuss their experiences of doing direct investments into to the DACH region
    • Why are family owned businesses continuing to open up to Private Equity and as this trend increases in interest, what challenge’s, such as succession issues, can the LPs and GPs expect to face in the transition?

    Oscar Geen
    Oscar Geen
    DACH Reporter, unquote"
    Andreas Demmel
    Andreas Demmel
    Director, Aztec Group
  • 10:10

    Panel: China Still Looking Towards German Investments?

    • What are the potential challenges with the changes from the German foreign trade act and what processes need to change for private equity?
    • Are Chinese investors still looking towards the region –what is hindering them?
  • 10:50

    Networking Break

  • 11:30

    Presentation: Deutsche Börse’s Scale - Equity capital financing for SMEs

    • An IPO creates strategic room for growth and innovation and increases a company’s public profile significantly. The speaker will discuss why Private equity and venture capitalists should consider Scale when looking for an exit route? 
    • Why is the new segment important and what are the benefits for using it? 
  • 12:00

    Panel: Private Equity Deal Activity

    • The panel will discuss how to deliver returns in a low growth market and how they ensure value when investing in start-ups, Mittelstand and large cap deals?
    • The leaders’ debate their views on key investment geographies, what has been the driving force of investments in the last 12 months and what future trends can we expect to see in the market.

    Holger Kleingarn
    Holger Kleingarn
    Managing Director, H.I.G Capital
  • 12:40

    Networking Lunch

  • 13:40

    Panel: Sector focus - Automotive Industry Opportunities

    • With wider Auto supplies spinning out a lot of assets, can you really turn this business around?
    • Is investing in green/electric assets a suitable alternative?
    João Grando
    João Grando
    Assistant Editor, Mergermarket
  • 14:20

    Panel: Challenges of Operational Involvement in Portfolio Companies

    • Should investors become more involved and does this really attract more capital and greater returns?
    Oscar Geen
    Oscar Geen
    DACH Reporter, unquote"
  • 15:00

    Conference end and networking drinks

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